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Author of What Technology Wants, Out of Control and The Inevitable: Understanding the Twelve Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, Kevin Kelly is a writer and a founding executive editor of Wired Magazine.

AI can do a lot of specific tasks as well as, or even better than, humans can — for example, it can more accurately classify images, more efficiently process mail, and more logically manipulate a Go board.

Marta Dusseldorp, highly respected star of screen and stage, in conversation with Holly Ransom on using one’s platform to drive the change that matters.

Dr David Putrino took out both the NAB Global Australian Award as well as the GE Healthcare Award.

Angelica Mesiti lives and works between Paris and Sydney. Mesiti is a contemporary artist working in the field of moving image installation and performance.

Before he joined the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Commission), as Commissioner, Dr Syarif was a Senior Lecturer at Hasanuddin University, Faculty of Law, Makassar, Indonesia.

Adam Gilmour is the CEO and Founder of Gilmour Space Technologies, a venture-funded rocket company in Queensland, Australia that is developing a new breed of hybrid launch vehicles for small satellite/payload customers.

Richard Fuller is a founder and president of the nonprofit Pure Earth (formerly known as Blacksmith Institute) dedicated to solving pollution problems in low and middle-income countries, where human health is at risk.

Hugh Whalan is CEO of PEG Africa, which uses pay-as-you-go technology to provide solar to millions of people in West Africa. 

In 2018, Dr Yijia Li joined Tsinghua University Yangtze Delta Research Institute and became the founder and director of stem cell drug translational research platform.


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