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Delivered by Krista Jones, Managing Director, Enterprise for the MaRS Discovery District at the Future Work Summit 2018 at Spark Festival.
Automation and outsourcing are dirty words for many people in Western countries worried about their future employment prospects. Developing countries are seen to be the major beneficiaries of off-shore labour, with multinationals hoovering up increased profits. But the reality is a lot more [...]
Netflix dominates online TV streaming, but for how long? Being first always gives you a significant competitive advantage. In the online world, that comes with a certain level of power. Until the competition arrives.  
Agriculture contributes 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. Jaleh Daie’s investment company Aurora Equity based in California links investors with startups which focus on improving productivity in food production. The startups are developing meat replacements and [...]
Mikaela Jade is a Cabrogal woman and a ground-breaking entrepreneur who is truly amplifying the voice of Indigenous Australia. Mikaela is a representative of Indigenous peoples at the United Nations and is the founder of technology business Indigital, telling Indigenous stories in innovative [...]
We're big fans of Mark Pesce and the great work he does on TWISTA. This latest installment doesn't disappoint. Have a listen to his podcast with Anthony Thompson and CEO Rob Bell from new fintech 86 400.
Peter Huynh is not your regular technology investor.  Yes, he does spend his time scouting the world for the next big invention, but he also dedicates a substantial part of his life to mindfulness.  Perhaps that’s why he has a simple and effective way to manage his own tech [...]
Rethinking how we travel in the future of smart cities.
Overcoming the cultural inertia of failing in healthcare by identifying the benefits and opportunities of IoT, particularly in the care of chronic diseases.
Q&A session exploring the ways technology is transforming the way we maintain and optimise both the human body and industrial machines.
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