New electric motor set to massively increase the power of electric vehicles

The electric vehicle industry could be in for a major shakeup with the development of a unique electric engine which investors claim can generate between two to five times the torque of existing motors of the same size.

Maybe we’ll “meat” again unless plants take over

It has yet to fully impact Australian markets, but plant-based substitutes to meat continue to make inroads into the hearts, minds and stomachs of millions of Americans.

French imagining counter terrorism responses

French defence authorities have gone deep into the past to safeguard their future by challenging science fiction writers to dream up life-threatening plots for their army to solve.

Amazon launch pad for local companies

About 100 small Australian companies and entrepreneurs are celebrating winning a commercial lottery to get places on a new online local store being trialled by global marketing giant Amazon.

The cumbersome CDR legislation that will prevent Australia entering the trillion-dollar data economy

The new Consumer Data Rights legislation is cumbersome and will prevent Australia competing with the US, Europe, Japan and South-East Asia, in the trillion-dollar financial data economy, says international data specialist Julian Ranger.

Australian Navy eyes-off autonomous water drone to patrol our coastline and identify security threats

A ground breaking new unmanned surface vehicle, with the potential to revolutionise coastal surveillance operations has caught the eye of the Australian Navy.


The Future Travel Experience

Rethinking how we travel in the future of smart cities.

“Fail to Scale”- lessons from IoT in Health

Overcoming the cultural inertia of failing in healthcare by identifying the benefits and opportunities of IoT, particularly in the care of chronic diseases.

IoT for medical robotics and the future of manufacturing

Q&A session exploring the ways technology is transforming the way we maintain and optimise both the human body and industrial machines.

HeadSafe IP StarUp Pitch

Concussionometer, a new solution to a reliable, accurate, objective assessment of concussion.

Circulating Connubium: lessons from anthropology for a world of data

Patterns in data circulation derived from anthropology.

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Outsourcing, automation and the messiness of global labour

Automation and outsourcing are dirty words for many people in Western countries worried about their future employment prospects.

Netflix’s decline and why stricter regulation could strengthen the tech giants

Netflix dominates online TV streaming, but for how long?

Being first always gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Startups aim at efficiency and waste in food production

Agriculture contributes 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activity.

Holly Ransom and Mikaela Jade

Mikaela Jade is a Cabrogal woman and a ground-breaking entrepreneur who is truly amplifying the voice of Indigenous Australia.

TWISTA Episode S07E14 86 400

We’re big fans of Mark Pesce and the great work he does on TWISTA.

How inner reflection can help you better manage external distractions with Peter Huynh

Peter Huynh is not your regular technology investor.  Yes, he does spend his time scouting the world for the next big invention, but he also dedicates a substantial part of his life to mindfulness.