The Studio celebrates 2-years of smashing success

The Studio, an innovative Sydney incubator for media startups will celebrate two years of successful operations during a free Open Day and Birthday Celebration this Friday at the Sydney Startup Hub.

The Studio Ltd is a not-for-profit incubator has successfully incubated 80 startups and helped raise an impressive $41 million in capital. Two of its anchor tenants now have international offices. 

“The Studio is not slowing down,” said CEO and Founder, Chantal Abouchar.  “We’ve created 100s’ of jobs and in 2020 will launch our new series, ‘Climate Matters.’ 

Aboucher said the series was for startups, or others, that might be using or developing technology to improve sustainability or make a positive impact on the climate.  

“We will have more initiatives launching this year and we see lots of opportunities for startups in the communications, media and creative industries,” she said. 

“We simply want to provide the fertile environment, to ensure that promising startups and scaleups have their best shot of becoming tomorrow’s high growth, high-value exporters and employers.  

“Our mission is to make Sydney’s signature strengths in communications, media and creative technologies world-leading,” said Aboucher. 

Aboucher says she’s pleased the Open Day and birthday celebrations fall in the same week as International Women’s Day.

“Women make up 27% of our residents and 23% of our founders,” she said, proudly. 

“And, we are working to boost those numbers with The Studio’s Women’s Network, which has been established to champion female founders and encourage more female-led tech startups.”

The Studio has 150 residents representing 18 different nationalities with ages of founders and participants spanning 6 decades. 

The not-for-profit which boasts an impressive list of backers recently adding Cisco and MAC Centre to its sponsor list. 

“We provide a fertile environment, ensuring our most promising startups and scaleups have their best shot of becoming tomorrow’s high-growth, high-value exporters and employers,” said Aboucher. 

And. some of The Studio’s most successful founders will be answering questions this Friday during the Open Day and Birthday Celebration.   

The Studio’s successful founders include:  

Claire Lehmann, Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Quillette

The digital magazine, dubbed ‘The Intellectual Dark Web’ facilitates unusual or dangerous thought that traditional media sources refuse to publish. Quillette is a platform that boasts its writers may want to skip censorship and publish radical ideas and changing populists views. 

Zubin Fitter, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Curious Thing

This company uses AI to deliver interview job candidates via a simple phone call. The technology provides the ability for talent acquisition teams to interview at scale and without bias. The objective decision-making technology is proving so successful Curious Thing has just opened an office in Silicon Valley. 

Kate Armstrong-Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Omelia

Omelia is at the forefront of script and storytelling technology aligning their product with the likes of Amazon Studios, Weta Workshop, Apple and Epic Games.

Ross McCreath Co-Founder and COO at Oovvuu 

Oovvuu uses groundbreaking AI to match articles, analyse videos and then aims to embed a contextually-relevant video in every article in the world. Oovvvuu has successfully raised AU$10 million in direct venture funding and established offices in New York and London.

To attend the Studio’s Open Day, Demo Day and 2nd Birthday Celebrations RSVP here.