NSW spending $200m to make the M1 into a tech savvy freeway

The NSW government is spending $200 million on new technology to convert the outdated M1 going north out of Sydney into one of the most tech savvy roads in the State.

Cutting edge technology will turn the 55-year-old M1 from the State dunce into a driver friendly Smart Road.

The improvements include:

  • More electronic signage
  • Expanded CCTV cameras
  • Greater electronic surveillance to control traffic flow and avoid delays caused by accidents

The improvements will go a long way toward easing the potential for problems when ever-increasing traffic converges on the MI during peak hours as commuters from the Central Coast make their way to their jobs in Sydney and then return home.

The hour-long drive from Wahroonga on Sydney’s upper north shore could go from being a driver’s worst nightmare at times to being a dream run to the Gosford hub on the Central Coast.

Usually the simplest of fender benders can cause a significant change in traffic flow on the M1.

A major incident can cause chaos by making yeti major artery to the north impassable.

“This is about using technology to improve the experience for commuters across NSW, said Matt Keane, Hornsby MP.

The Government plan is to:

  • Roll out more CCTV and vehicle detection devices.
  • Use more cameras to indicate average speeds.
  • Provide additional cross over lanes to promote better contra flow if there is an accident.
  • Ramp metering to smooth the flow of traffic onto the motorway and
  • Changeable speed limits depending on circumstances

The upgraded M1 will feed into another major government project, the north connect tunnel running directly under busy Pennant Hills Rd

A major factor of the project is limiting trucks to using the freeway to certain times of the day to keep lanes free for cars.

Drones are also in the mix to assist with smooth traffic slow.

“It’s going to remove 40,000 cars a day from Pennant Hills Rd,” said Keane. The $3b north connex is scheduled to open in the middle of this year.