NSW Government rolls out red carpet for transport apps

Apps, and what they can do to ease pressure on public transport and roads in NSW, are assured of a warm welcome from the State Government.

State Transport Minister Andrew Constance says apps that allow people to book and pay for trains, buses, ferries and taxis are now a priority for his government.

The Government’s focus on improving and streamlining transport policies, follows its decision to close down its roads department at the end of last year.

The roads department has been incorporated into the overall transport department to try and generate greater uniformity in government decision-making in how to best meet the needs of the public.

Mr Constance said having separate bureaucracies was not working . From now on roads would be part of the overall transport picture, not planned separately. And reducing the use of cars is being targeted as a way of speeding up transport.

“We’re going to have a lot more to say this year about mobility as a service and innovation,” says Minister Constance.

“The car is the most inefficient form of transport in Sydney’s transport network.  People drive around with empty seats and the roads are clogged.

The State Government is already trialing apps that provide transport options, including “on demand” services for buses, ferries and bikes.

Some trials have ended. Others are continuing. A full evaluation of the success or failure of the alternative systems will be completed when the trials are over. Mr Constance says mobility apps providing users with options to use different transport alternatives and also allow them to pay for any services would become more and more common.