Lifting the curtain on an electronic future of flying taxis and AI kitty litter

A mesmerising look into a future that includes flying electric taxis, bigger TVs with startling options, washing machines that can detect different fabrics and alter its cycles accordingly and an electric bike that can travel on water.

And of course bigger, better and more exciting virtual reality games.

They were a sight to warm the heart of acknowledged visionaries from other centuries like Jules Verne and Leonardo De Vinci whose predictions about the future including flight and submarines were so revolutionary.

The Consumer Technology Show (CES) in Las Vegas always delights and excites consumers from around the world as leading manufacturers finally display the top secret projects they have been working on and their expectations

This year’s highlights included:

  • Hyundai and Uber saying they have a joint venture to build a flying electric taxi. Mercedes showed off an Avatar themed concept car. Avatar director James Cameron helped develop the car and was on stage to present it public for the first time.
  • Not to be outdone, Sony presented an electric vehicle concept called the Vision-S offering autonomous driving and a panoramic screen that takes up the dashboard with its entertainment system
  • LG announced that its new smart-home technology will include washing machines that can differentiate between different fabrics and set its operating system accordingly. Dryers will also automatically program their operating time depending on fabrics.
  • 5G capability will be added to laptops and computers that will feature folding screens, following the folding phone innovation introduced by Samsung and Huawei.
  • Biometrics was a talking point. The once simple padlock has been revamped to store as many as 500 fingerprints to gain access. Bicycle locks have also been improved to include fingerprint unlocking
  • Cars will have eye, voice and fingerprint unlocking.
  • For cat lovers an AI litter box will be available that monitors the animal’s behaviour, weight and excrement and warns owners of any problems.
  • New Zealand firm Manta5 showed off an electric bike it says can be used on rivers, lakes and in the sea.
  • With 8K television now in popular use, the focus was on providing better pictures through microLED using millions of tiny LEDS  to boost picture quality.
  • Samsung moved us closer to a robot chef with a demonstration of robot arms that can take food and ingredients from the fridge and pantry and mix them together in the kitchen.
  • Getting around the CES exhibits called for battery-powered motorbikes and scooters. There was also self-propelled luggage cases and roller skates with push button brakes.

Following notorious scandals about hacking and the loss of personal information, privacy was a major topic at CES with manufacturers trying hard to convince audiences that security had been tightened and risks eliminated. It followed admissions from major companies that there had been security breaches including Wyze Labs, who announced that a data breach could affect more than two million of its customers.