The new on-demand transport for the elderly and disabled

Clive and Alison Vaz were driven by personal experience when they decided to create an on-demand transport service for the elderly, those with a disability and those in care.

Growing up, Clive Vaz watched his brother who suffers from cerebral palsy, become virtually housebound because of a lack of transport services for people with a disability.

Last Christmas, Alison’s father was battling stage 4 brain cancer and was in care when she booked a cab to take him from the nursing home to her house for Christmas lunch.

But despite booking the taxi 24-hours in advance, it never arrived, causing stress and trauma for the family on an important and emotional day.

It was then that they had a ‘light bulb’ moment. They wanted to create an on-demand transport service for the most vulnerable members of the community.

Alison and Clive Vaz

They decided to fast track an idea they had been working on and they created PeepsRide – a digital platform for care and transport providers to manage and track transport services for people with a disability, the elderly or those in care.

“This is coming from a very personal space,” Alison said. “There is a desperate need for this service.”

Due to the high cost of ride share and taxis, the elderly and those with a disability often resort to staying indoors.

And, where low-cost community transport is available, they have to wait for hours before securing a ride to critical medical appointments or for essential day-to-day activities like shopping.

How it works

An organisation subscribes to the PeepsRide Digital Platform allowing it to manage the transport needs of its members, as well as automating records and transactions, cutting down on costs.

PeepsRide also provides certainty of booking and allows customers to track their location and journey.

“With our platform we will ensure an organisation provides a better service for their customers more efficiently,” Clive said.

“Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars coordinating their service, they can use PeepsRide and improve their service,” he said.

“Our key focus is to provide more services to the elderly, those with a disability or those in care, at low cost.”

Clive and Alison are running trials of PeepsRide in a number of NSW regional locations. The trials which began in May end this month, when the results will be fully evaluated.

Alison said so far the trials had given them good insight into how they can improve the service, including tailoring it for some customers, particularly those in regional areas.

Clubs NSW

In August this year PeepsRide was accepted into the Clubs NSW Accelerator program ClubsTHRIVE.

They are one of just 12 projects selected from more than 170 Start Ups across Australia and New Zealand.

Clubs NSW will also be trialling PeepsRide later this year.

“With 1,200 clubs and four million members who are seniors across NSW, there are plenty of opportunities to pitch the platform,” said Clive.

The future

“We are looking to partner with organisations that want to provide a car-share type service, where we provide the technology platform that is tailored to meet the needs of the elderly, those in care or those with a disability.”

Clive said a very large care organisation had expressed interest in using the service, but also potentially investing in the company.

They also are in discussions with the NSW Government. He said Transport for NSW has provided positive feedback and may look to work with PeepsRide, after assessing the market need.