Canva and Hubspot design a way to do business together

Australia’s massively successful on-line design platform Canva is expanding its international profile by linking with American marketing software company HubSpot.

The move will make Canva’s designs easier to access and further bolster the company’s global image and reach.

The union follows new economy’s story in September revealing Hubspot’s interest in Australia’s technology developments in the hope of finding the industry’s next unicorn.

The story told how Hubspot was targeting Australian start-ups and new technology beginners as part of a world-wide sweep to identify investments from their $30 million venture fund financing.

Canva’s run of international successes is light years away from venture funding and the need for seed money but the recognition from an industry giant like HubSpot will please the company’s backers.

Valued at $4.7 billion – triple its vale at the start of 2019 – Canva is on the crest of a seemingly unstoppable wave of success.

Linking with HubSpot will allow users to create and publish designs simply by pushing a specially-designated button.

The new system overtakes the previous method of Hubspot users having to go to Canva’s website to chase their design ideas.

Instead, the Canva Button give users access to designing and publishing a wide variety of images for social media, advertisements and banners.

Hubspot describes the sophisticated, speedier method of linking the two companies as “easier for our customers to create more beautiful, on brand marketing and distribution to their marketing channels in one simple seamless move

He said the Canva Button provides HubSpot users with a quick, simple way to make their content more visually compelling and grow better.

By linking forces, Canva is now available to Hubspot’s 64,000 customers in 100 countries.

Canva’s CPO, Cameron Williams, said in a statement that Hubspot was a natural fit for the  company he co-founded.

“Together we’re streamlining  the design process for every marketer and making it incredibly easy to grow and engage with their audiences,” he said.

He added that Canva’s ambition is to “empower people to take an idea and communicate it effectively through engaging visuals.”

Linking with Hubspot is another eye-catching international move by Canva.

In May it acquired two of the biggest free stock websites, Pexels and Pixabay giving Canva customers access to more than a million additional free images and illustrations. The successes have not gone unnoticed by private investors. In October they injected a further $125 million to keep the company’s momentum going.