The next seat: Bringing women into the start-up boardroom

Recruiting the wide-ranging list of diversely talented women for advisory or boardroom roles will be the theme when three promising start-ups publicly reveal their potential during the Spark Festival.

The Next Seat forum will continue the conversation started in the Get On Board program in March to introduce greater gender diversity into senior administrative roles in high growth businesses of the future.

The Next Seat discussions will pinpoint the advantages of startups making diversity a priority from the beginning rather than trying to introduce it at a later stage.

The forum will also feature successful women board directors sharing their stories of helping steer startups through the often difficult pathways to success.

Insiders say the startup ecosystem faces challenges in terms of the number and profile of women founders and changes to the present system of appointing advisory and boardroom directors is long overdue.

The Next Seat will start with a penal of experienced directors haring their insights into the power of an effective startup board.

It will be followed by three up-and-coming startups appealing the untapped market of talented women who could be potential new advisors or board members.

The Next Seat is on October 10  7.45am – 9.30am at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, 18 Jamison St Sydney. Admission free.