How to find and retain good talent

Startups, scaleups and established businesses all share a problem. Where to find loyal and talented staff and how to keep them from being lured away by a competitor. 

Retaining staff that are important to a business not only prevents headaches over convincing them to stay, it also ensures continuity of service and production.

It continues the stability of a close working relationship with someone you know and trust as well as providing stability for customers seeing an unchanged commercial landscape.       

This session explores how being a force for good helps companies attract and retain talent.

Principals Internal Brand Director, Claire Gallagher will bring herinsights into what is a recurring dilemma in the business world.

She will share her experiences in retaining staff she wanted to keep and offer tips about of how to attract the right people to do the job you want.

A specific discussion topic will be discussing how the workplace is changing, why culture matters, how to align people to your brand and build advocacy, and how to create a compelling employee value proposition that is more than just words on a page.

Finding the right people, retaining them and creating an environment where they can thrive is a key ingredient for success. In a world of fake news, royal commissions and public scandals people are looking for meaning, a sense of purpose and an opportunity to contribute. 

Thursday October 24, 10.30am-noon
Stone and Chalk
Level 4, 11 York Street, Sydney NSW