Building a brand just as important as building a business

Join Principals strategy director, Moensie Rossier as she shares her thoughts on how to build a brand, not just a business. 

Start-ups often build businesses quickly through growth hacking, using only superficial branding (basic visual identity and logo).

This can work in the short term, particularly if you have first-mover advantage, or if you’re riding the wave of a major cultural trend.

But, the more competitive the space becomes, the greater the need for competitive differentiation.

Which means building a meaningful brand.

Unfortunately, at this point, you’ve lost first-mover advantage, and, you may be playing catch up to strong competitor brands stealing your customers. 

Rather than building a business and then doubling your effort to build a brand, do both from the offset and use your brand to drive your business strategy.

We’ll work through the questions you need to ask and elements you need to define to build a meaningful brand that is differentiated, authentic, distinctive and memorable.

Advice includes: Purpose, Values, Tone of Voice and Organising Brand Idea. Discussions will also include how to leverage the Brand Idea to make your brand experience unique, not category generic.

Date: October 24, 2019, 3-4pm
Location: Sydney Startup Hub Level 11, 11-31 York St, Sydney