Government failing to embrace digital transformation

Australia’s efforts to fully adopt digital transformation across the public sector has failed despite the millions of dollars and time expended by local councils and State and Federal governments. 

Authors, Martin Stewart-Weeks and Simon Cooper are both vastly experienced in digital transformation and working in the bureaucracy.

They both describe in their book “Are We There Yet” the shortcomings of bureaucratic administrators trying to formulate a wide-ranging policy about digital transformation.

“The reason is that successive waves of investment in digital transformation have focused largely on improving the transactional function of the government,” the authors say.

“They have failed to embrace the bigger challenge – the need for governing and government to rethink new “theory of the business” which that same revolution has caused and to which it is an inescapable part of the answer.”

They both see the book as a much-needed practical guide for public servants and leaders in any jurisdiction.

“It has insights and ideas about the way digital technologies, and their associated tools platforms and cultures are changing the business of governing and the design and delivery of public policy and services.”

Experts say the book, with its specialised language, explains how AI and big data are changing the role of public servants and describes “the important shift from power to problem-solving appeal and explains how to harness digital transformation to make government work better for all of us.”