New electric motor set to massively increase the power of electric vehicles

The electric vehicle industry could be in for a major shakeup with the development of a unique electric engine which investors claim can generate between two to five times the torque of existing motors of the same size.

American company Linear Labs has released its patented Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET), which it claims could revolutionize automobiles, wind turbines, and air conditioners as well as robotics, drones, and micro-mobility vehicles. 

In an interview with IEEE SPECTRUM, CEO Brad Hunstable has described the HET as a 3D circumferential flux, four-rotor permanent magnet motor.

We believe we’ve built an entirely new class of electric motors, and that hasn’t happened in maybe 30 years, Mr Hunstable told IEEE SPECTRUM.

The motor has an advantage over traditional designs, in that it has no unnecessary end windings, meaning 100 per cent of the copper used goes into energy conversion.

Mr Hunstable said a typical motor’s copper content could be reduced by 30 percent while generating equivalent torque. This would also reduce the weight of the engine.

The company has researched existing automotive platforms, including Teslas and the Toyota Prius.

It claims the motors could increase driving range by more than 10 per cent or allow them to have smaller battery packs to deliver equivalent range.

Hunstable Electric Turbine

The company says it’s looking to implement the motor in a scooter prototype next year, and a car prototype in 2021. The company sees further potential for the engines in multirotor, flying cars and wind power generation.

Brad Hunstable said the HET also could be used to produce clean energy.
The company estimates that, in a large, 8-megawatt wind turbine, the HET could save 90 tons of weight, millions of dollars in costs, and lift efficiency by 3 per cent.