Apple stores getting a polish to attract new customers

An apple a day might keep the doctor away according to the adage but reducing patronage is not what Apple want from the multi-million-dollar investment in Australia’s technological future.

So the brand name and its stores are getting a makeover to improve their appearance and to update their appeal to customers.

The makeovers, starting next year, will initially involve the eight of the company’s largest stores in its 22 outlets around Australia. The others are expected to be revamped in a second phase of later marketing strategies.

Apple is not saying how much the makeovers will cost but it is expected to run into millions of dollars as the company strives to meet commercial expectations in a constantly moving world of new technology.

An Apple spokesperson said the upgrades were designed to create an atmosphere of education and inspiration when it came to using the company products.

The focus on consumer educations follows Apple’s belief that users of their devices now want to be told how to get full use of their technology.

The focus will be on educating its customers through free in-store classes and education sessions designed to showcase the various uses Apple products can provide.

Apple stores, which include the newly-opened Bondi Junction outlet with its cutting edge lay-out, another one in the Sydney CBD and one at Hornsby, also have major outlets in Brisbane and Melbourne.

“All of Apple’s Australian upgrades will feature a central forum and video wall where art and creativity come to life,” a company spokesperson said.

Apple says eight million customers have visited the Bondi store since it opened in 2010.

“These re-imagined stores introduce our latest retail design and provide a new home for Today at Apple,” the spokesperson said. “There will be free daily classes for customers.”