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On Friday 22nd November and Saturday 23rd November, Australia’s best and brightest gathered for StartCon, the nation’s largest startup and growth convention.

Fred Schebesta, CEO and Co-Founder of shares his ambitious plans for to move into the Open Banking space and discusses what the future holds for cash currency in Australia.

NASA Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments, Dr Christyl Johnson reveals NASA’s exciting plans for a 2024 space mission, where Perth mining technology is key.

Lucy Lin, CMO and Founder of Forestlyn is passionate about ethical AI.

Airwallex Head Engineer, Craig Rees feels that the future of Fintech in Australia is global.

Renowned entrepreneur Dan Lok, founder of shares his top tips for those looking to enter the digital marketing space and reveals how businesses can be innovative among a cluttered marketing environment. 

Chief People Officer for Hubspot, Katie Burke speaks about the company’s exciting new partnership with Aussie unicorn Canva and addresses the fear of AI and automation taking over our jobs.

Daniel Wearne, Head of Design at Up Bank speaks about the neobank’s unprecedented plans to move into the 9-12-year-old customer space.


Jeff Bezos explained his ambitious vision for Amazon in a 1999 interview.

MIT Venture Capital + Innovation Conference

We are moving rapidly toward quantum computing. How does the technology work and what does it mean for our future?

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